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The transparent appointment scheduling software that is innovative, intelligent andunique killer user interface.

It’s like water.It will take any shape of form to your business.

Customer engagement/Call-To-Action is a commitment to your profession.

You have the ability to customize settingswith fluidly, share business missions & goals, enhance communication with customers, and receive intelligent reporting to segment every detail. The configurations fits to any business needs.

Patrons, no longer have to wait until the next morning or the start of a week to make their appointments with your business because you provide a 24/7 online scheduling service. AppToe will automatically send a text or email confirmations of date & time, reminding your client of their upcoming appointment, which they can intern confirm. Not only does this take care of daily tasks for you but also decreases no-shows and cancellations.

The possibilities are endless. Create custom appointment settings tailored to a physical or mobile location andthe ability to display discounts or coupons. Add or remove users, edit calendar, approve appointments or reschedule automated reviews, all the whilereducing stress to staff members. Customers can even see the work in progress.

The quick, easy and responsive software allows you to customize your services, pricing and any additional details you wish to add-on.

Together we can create so much more.

AppToe…Your appointment housekeeper, which handles envisioned conveniences!

Why Online Scheduling/Appointment Is Key to Electronic Business
Visualize this….

You are in your place of business with a customer/client/member and you are engaging with them to help to solve a problem with their product. Your phone rings.


You hesitate and think…”Shoot do I take this call and engage on a new potential customer ordo I let it go to voicemail and continue my engagement with the current customer infront of me; potentially losing out on new business to someone else?”

What would you do?

Per Time Trade’s blog post about “Why Customer Engagement Matters,” Chris Carroll states:

“Did you know that89 percent of consumers agree that good service makes them feel more positive about the brands they engage with? In the Age of the Customer (as Salesforce, Forrester Research and many others call it), it’s not just about focusing on customers, it’s all about how you treat customers. It’s about your interaction and making sure that you engage with them.”

However, customer engagement is not only valued on a face-to-face scale. It must be valued online as well.

Providing good intentional service or solutions to customer/client/member with sincere empathy towards consistency, content, convenience and context is what people will invest in a business. We are all, in one form or another “the customer” and I know when I am the customer I look for value in how businesses treat me. People will pay for quality vs quantity.

Online scheduling/booking is making significate strides for many different types of businesses in the world.Businesses such as medical offices, beauty industries, restaurants, sporting, music and much more.

The electronics world would be no different to benefit from this in the eyes of theemployer, employees and for the customers.

Per Greg Sterling, who contributed a post on Local Search Association Insider (LSA), he said…“Online booking platform Pingup compiled data from Q1 2016 bookings across its local publisher network and exposed some interesting trends and insights. Scheduling happening 24/7: the company observed that 60% of bookings were happening during business hours and 40% after hours.”

Without online scheduling, you could potentially miss 40% of new business.

Being able to book appointments online allows people the freedom to choose freely, not only benefiting existing clients, but also the percentage of new ones as well. The convenience of browsing on their own time, even if it is after hours, and being able to accommodate the appointment with your schedule is an easy timesavingfunctioning service. People will have access to engage with your business 24/7 at their fingertips.Not only does it enhance yourcompetence, but also allows you to adapt to today’s consumer’s needs.

The practice of having better control and management for no-shows and/or cancelations and seeing how busy a day might be is also an effective strategy in business. The key is to have an organized system that works efficiently so there are no over bookings, employee scheduling or anything that might put the customer off from booking again.

We want to help you find the scheduling method that works best for you. We want to see you achieve productivity every day.

We introduce to you…APPTOE!

Importance of an Appointment

How valuable is the “Importance of an Appointment”?

“The habit of being prompt once formed extends to everything — meeting friends, paying debts, going to church, reaching and leaving place of business, keeping promises, retiring at night and rising in the morning, going to the lecture and town-meeting, and, indeed, to every relation and act, however trivial it may seem to observers.” –William Makepeace Thayer, Tact and Grit, 1882

Appointments are a part of life both in personal and professional fields. Time is a precious resource and maintaining appointments is an important element for success in life.Without the respect it deserves, the value of time can lead to lost opportunities.

Scheduling allows for productive power in all your duties. Without proper scheduling, your life will quickly become a chaotic and unorganized mess, raising stress, for not only you, but for your clientele as well. Adhering to schedules reduces the pressure of time and results in better decision-making, therefore increasing value to yourself and others.

The demands for our time are greater now than ever before. We live in a time where information coming at us is faster than we can digest it, responsibilities administered faster than we can handle them, and communication moving at rapid speed.Finding ways to fit as much as possible into your day is daunting, to say the least, but planning your day in advance can help you focus on those tasks that matter most, in both our personal and business world.

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